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Informational and Educational
Center Sodruzhestvo, Ryazan

Sodruzhestvo is an informational and educational center that carries out extracurricular educational activities in such fields of knowledge as Economics, the English language, Computing, Preschool education, Teenager club and others.

The word “Sodruzhestvo” is translated into English as “cooperation, unity” and the name speaks for itself! The Center shares the atmosphere of goodwill and creativity with all the participants and friends.

Our motto is “Learn to know how” and we really tend to make our students be able to apply their knowledge in life.

Assimilating advance domestic and foreign pedagogical experience, the Center has occupied one of the leading positions in the sphere of additional education in Ryazan.

The Sodruzhestvo center was founded in 1990 as a department of the Ryazan City Youth Palace.  In December 1996, it was individually registered by the local city administration as an autonomous, non-profit organization.

The founders of the Center included the Ryazan Oblast Committee of Education, Science, and Youth Policy and the corporation Partners with Russia, USA.

Our students, aged from 4 to 17, take part in more than 70 educational programmes of humanist and aesthetic nature. We lay a special emphasis on our own educational products as well as on using up-to-date methodic and informational technologies.



Educational programmes of the Sodruzhestvo Center:

The Studio for preschool children – “Pochemuchka” (“those who ask why”) – a complex programme, including classes on the development of speech (teaching reading and writing), mathematics and the English language, fine art (age 4-7)

The Developmental programme “Umniki i Umnicy” (“clever boys and girls”) (age 6-10)

The School of English (age 4-17)

The School of Economics and Enterprise (age 13-16)

The programmes of Reading for the USE (The Unified State Examination) on English, Russian and mathematics (age 4-17)

The School of Guitar (age 12-17)

The School of Computing (age 8-16)

The School of  Fine Art “Raduga” (“rainbow”) (age 4-13)

The Drama School “Maska” (“mask”) (age 4-13)

The Teenager Clubs “Welcome-city”, “Teenager-leader-club”, “Pilot-club” (age 11-17)

There cannot be a more valuable sign of recognition than the students’ progress and the graduates’ achievements. The Sodruzhestvo Centre is known in many Russian cities and abroad. Sodruzhestvo collaborates with governmental and non-governmental educational organizations implementing different programmes.



The Sodruzhestvo Center organizes the following events on city, regional, inter-regional and international levels:

City Competition on the English language

For 7-9 grades students from the Ryazan schools. Is held in the form of a festival or, sometimes, a quest game with several stations and one general task. This is a team game and the objective is to develop communicative and cooperation skills, as well as to improve the level of linguistic competence.

City and regional Business Game Championship

For 8 grade children from schools and other educational organizations of Ryazan. We introduce them to active methods of business studies and reveal the most gifted students.

Regional Programming Contest

The contest is aimed at developing students’ computing skills and fostering creativity.

Autumn and winter leadership and economic camps

For 7-10 grades children from Ryazan and the Ryazan region. The program comprises both Business Game Championship and cultural events partially based on innovative business projects.

International economic camp “Sodruzhestvo”

Is held in a summer camp in the Ryazan region. Comprises two educational programs: economic and linguistic ones (7-11 grades students). There is also a program for 11-12 year-old children – so called Pilot Program. We invite English speaking volunteers from all over the world to foster cross cultural communication. The camp offers various opportunities for rest, communication, learning, physical education and creative work.

Seminars for teachers from Ryazan and the Ryazan region

We try to invite the best lecturers to conduct seminars for teachers and discuss the most up-to-date topics. The Sodruzhestvo Center supports sharing the best practices and knowledge among the colleagues.


The Center’s activities have been awarded with gratitude letters and diplomas from the Ministry of Education of the Ryazan Region, the Ryazan Region Youth Authority, the Association of Non-governmental Educational Organizations  and others.

Our “Sodruzhestvo” is open for cooperation and communication! We will be extremely glad to find that you are interested in sharing your experience and knowledge with children as we are. We invite creative, optimistic, brilliant, kind, pedagogic oriented volunteers and teachers. We hope you will be happy with the cooperation!

Welcome to Russia!

Welcome to “Sodruzhestvo”!